Steve Hoover – ACT Corporate Champion

Steve Hoover is the chief technology officer for Xerox Corporation. He was appointed a senior vice president of the corporation and to this position effective Jan. 1, 2017.

Steve is responsible for the global research, development, and engineering organizations that deliver Xerox’s award-winning products and services to the market. In this role, Steve is committed to driving innovation across the company, enabling expansion into new growth markets, and creating more value for Xerox’s customers and partners.

Previously Steve was the CEO of PARC, A Xerox Company, where he helped broaden the research and innovation agenda to support an ever-changing technology landscape including advancements in IoT, analytics, healthcare, transportation, energy and digital manufacturing. As PARC CEO for six years, Steve helped PARC not only develop highly relevant innovations for Xerox, but also transitioned PARC to be a leader in open innovation while creating multiple strategic innovation partnerships and collaborations.  

Steve earned his Ph.D. and Masters of Science from Carnegie Mellon University as an AT&T Bell Labs fellow and a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University. He has seven patents.