Our Story

Around the time of 1960-70s, diversity concerns and awareness became an issue discussed within the community and corporation.  Several founding members from San Francisco got together and formed the SF chapter of Asians Coming Together.

As the decades gone by, now over 6 chapters ( Webster, Los Angeles, Wilsonville,  Chicago, Texas, Corporate) spread throughout the United States representing ACT.

Our Mission

This nonprofit organization provides Xerox employees of Asian descent a voice and a forum to create awareness and understanding of the Asian culture for the membership, Xerox, and the community at large.  With our membership, Asians Coming Together (ACT) facilitates the professional development of Asians through partnerships with Xerox senior management and with higher educational organizations within the community.

Meet the ACT National Board Members

We represent the members of the local chapters throughout Xerox.


Frank Xiao

ACT National President

Strategic Pricing Manager in Graphic Communications Business Group, Xerox Corporatiton


Steve Hoover

ACT Corporate Champion

Chief Technology Officer, Xerox Corporation


Suveda Thiagaraj

ACT National Vice President for Communications

Senior Project Manager, IT Software Asset Management, Xerox Corporation


Vinu Thomas

ACT Corporate Treasurer

Customer Engagement for Custom Innovation Services, Xerox Corporation